Attracting fortune: How to win the lottery Feng Shui

In Japan, it’s common to use lottery Feng Shui techniques to improve financial luck when playing lottery games. This ancient practice, locally known as ‘Fusui’, is believed to bring good fortune, and the lottery is no exception.

Each lottery ticket holds a small hope of striking it rich. That’s why many people turn to different superstitions to increase their odds.
Since winning is mostly a matter of chance, some players use Feng Shui to attract good luck.

If you want to know how to use Feng Shui principles for winning the lottery, keep reading below. Our helpful guide explores Feng Shui, its principles, testimonies of past winners, and tips for choosing lottery numbers.


Understanding Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a practice with a long history, originating in ancient China over 5,000 years ago. Rooted in traditional Chinese ideas, it focuses on harmonising the flow of ‘chi’ or energy between people and the environment. The name translates to wind (fēng) and water (shuǐ). This reflects the belief that wind carries energy while water receives it.

The main goal of Feng Shui is to create a balance between ourselves and the world around us. It includes arranging your surroundings to match certain principles. Doing this allows you to open up to positive influences on your happiness, success, and luck.

Yin-Yang and the Five Elements theory

Feng Shui is deeply connected to the ‘Yin-Yang and the Five Elements’ theory. This philosophy underlines the importance of balance between the Yin and Yang forces and the five core elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. When this balance is disrupted, it affects harmony, which hurts your prosperity.

Yin and Yang Forces

Yin and Yang represent opposites and point out how everything is connected. Yin is tied to elements like darkness and femininity, while Yang is linked to qualities such as light and masculinity. Together, they balance each other out, creating harmony in the world, like how male and female or light and dark complement each other.

Directions of the Five Elements

Each direction is linked to one of five elements and is believed to impact different aspects of life, where specific colours are also considered compatible. 

Below is a table outlining the relationship between the directions, colours, and your well-being. Feel free to use this as a guide in creating a good flow of energy in your space:

Direction and elementAssociated coloursLife effectSpecific areas
North (water)Baby Pink, SilverPurifying
  • Love luck
  • Money luck
  • Sex luck
  • Trust
  • Keeping secrets.
Northeast (earth)Brown, OrangeChange and continuity
  • Inheritance
  • Real estate luck
  • Savings luck
  • Job Change
  • Relocation
  • Good changes.
East (wood)Red, TurquoiseWork, youth, and development
  • Work luck
  • Development luck
  • Study luck
  • Youth
  • Information
  • Sound.
Southeast (wood)Orange, Mint GreenWind bringing
  • Marriage luck
  • Love luck
  • Travel luck
  • Green in general
  • Scent.
South (fire)Beige, Lime GreenBeauty, intelligence, and intuition
  • Popularity
  • Beauty
  • Intelligence and Intuition
  • Arts
  • Separation.
Southwest (Earth)Coral Pink, Pastel YellowStrong earth energy
  • Family luck
  • Health
  • Real estate
  • Stability
  • Effort.
West (gold/metal)Ivory, GoldMoney, business, and entertainment
  • Love
  • Money
  • Business
  • Fun.
Northwest (gold/metal)Cream, BeigeCareer success
  • Career Advancement 
  • Marrying a wealthy person
  • Business
  • Upgrade
  • Assistance from others.
Centre (earth)PurpleGeneral luckFoundation for the future

Using Feng Shui to increase your lottery luck

While some superstitious players rely on lucky charms and visiting shrines, others adjust their routines. Feng Shui teaches you that aligning your circumstances with certain principles can improve the flow of ‘chi’ and bring good results, like lottery success.

Learn about Feng Shui money lucky lottery tips to start attracting good luck below.

Polishing windows and mirrors

Feng Shui suggests keeping your windows and mirrors clean to attract good opportunities. They believe shiny surfaces attract positive energy, so regularly polish your windows, mirrors, and other reflective objects to enhance the energy around you.

Light an aroma candle

The ‘Fire’ energy is tied to business success in Feng Shui, and the candle flame is known to symbolise this energy. Lighting aroma candles and keeping the flame lit and in your sight is a great way to attract good fortune.

Time your lottery purchases

Like many beliefs based on luck, Feng Shui values the power of specific dates. So, if you’re interested in trying an approach to increase financial luck lottery feng shui, some experts believe there are optimal days to buy your tickets. Here are some of them:


Experiencing a big change

Pay attention to good and bad changes that happen in your life. These moments can influence your chances of winning the lottery. Some believe you may win more when you notice a bad change, like experiencing a severe injury or a breakup.

However, positive changes are also notable. Joyous moments are easier to overlook than negative ones, so be aware of both.


When your car gets hit

Surprisingly, when you get into a car accident, this might mean a rise in your luck in the lottery. There was a report mentioning that after a person’s car was hit, they immediately bought a lottery ticket. The person ended up winning around ¥2 million.


Falling ill from severe cold

Having a cold signals a change within your body. This hints at an increase in the energy flow for change based on Feng Shui. There are reports of people winning ¥100,000 after buying a lottery ticket soon after recovering from a bad cold.

Know where to store your lottery tickets

When buying a lottery ticket, it’s crucial to consider where to keep it while waiting for the draw results. Here are some of the ideal places to store your lottery tickets and spots where you shouldn’t keep them:

You should keep them in:

  • Bright places
  • Higher places for women; lower places for men
  • Near bright and shiny items.

You shouldn’t keep them in:

  • Dark places
  • Your wallet
  • Your kitchen.

Feng Shui for lottery success: Real-life stories

Winning the lottery is based mainly on luck, but that doesn’t stop some players from trying to improve their odds. Many believe implementing feng shui principles into their lives will create a more positive and prosperous environment. It can lead to wealth, success, and even lottery wins. 

While there are no guarantees, stories of lottery winners with victories influenced by Feng Shui ideas add to its allure. For those looking to boost their money-luck lottery prospects, exploring how to win the lottery with Feng Shui could be a worthwhile journey.

Read a few real-life testimonials from people who have experienced the impact of Feng Shui on their lottery wins.
With these stories, you’ll see how random the lottery can be. Some people win on unlucky days, while others seem to be riding a wave of good fortune.

Abandoned and indebted by a shady partner

Mr S, a skilled chef and kind-hearted man, generously agreed to be a guarantor for a friend’s loan. They disappeared when the friend’s business failed, burdening him with debt. Mr S took it upon himself to repay the loan, even selling his home and downsizing his shop.

One day, he spotted a lottery ticket booth. Hoping for a change in his luck, he decided to buy a ticket. Even if life seemed against him, Mr S won the ¥100 million first prize. With this money, he cleared his debts and used the remaining ¥3 million to buy another ticket to give back.

To his surprise, he won first prize again, which rebuilt his life and even bought his family a new home.

Winning after an accident

Mr TS from Yamagata Prefecture is a big fan of number selection lotteries, especially Loto 6. Despite many attempts, he has yet to have any luck. Things took a wild turn after his first shrine visit of the year. 

On his way home, he accidentally hit a big tree. Shortly after this crash, he won the second prize in Loto 6. The accident left him in extreme pain, but looking back, he believed it may have been a sign of him being the next Loto 6 winner.

Building upon a streak of good luck

Ms H is a 50-year-old resident of Gifu Prefecture who felt her fortune shift after her children’s back-to-back weddings. She saw it as a sign of good fortune and played the Loto 6 lottery, where she used her daughter’s and son’s birthdays.

Luckily, Ms H won the first prize of ¥89,208,000. She believes this wasn’t just luck but also a blessing from her ancestors, who were celebrating her children’s marriage with her.

Gold coins bringing home the jackpot win

A man in Sydney glued a gold coin to his front doorstep, convinced it would bring him financial luck through Feng Shui. His belief was confirmed when he won over US$1.2 million in the BoysTown charity lotto shortly after.

Feng Shui experts advise that positive thinking and auspicious symbols can attract good fortune. The man likely influenced his luck by believing in the power of gold coins, leading to his lottery win.

Gold symbolises wealth, and coins represent money. Convinced that the gold coin would bring him money, he attracted a real fortune.

Tips for selecting lottery numbers based on Feng Shui

While lucky numbers, like the number eight in Chinese culture, are well-known, the Feng Shui lottery approach dives deeper. It teaches you that specific numbers hold unique energies and meanings. 

Understanding these connections allows you to choose lottery numbers that resonate with your energy and desires. This can enhance your overall experience and outlook, strengthening your chance to win the lottery.

Feng Shui lottery number selection isn’t just trusting your gut. Here are two tips to help you calculate lottery numbers and increase your chances of attracting lucky ones:

Analyse your Kua number

Based on your birth data, knowing your Kua number can help you reach positive energies in your home and enhance your pursuit of good luck. By matching them with the dominant elements of the year, you can figure out personalised lucky numbers that align with the year’s energies.

Here’s how to do it:

For women:

  1. Add all the digits of your birth year (1988 will be 1+9+9+8)
  2. Keep adding the totals until you reach a single-digit number (1+9+9+8=26, then 2+6=8).
  3. Add four to single-digit numbers (8+4=12).
  4. If the result isn’t a single digit, continue reducing (1+2=3).
  5. So, for women born in 1988, your personal Kua number is 3.

Note that if the result is 5, it defaults to 8 as the Kua number.

For men:

  1. Sum up all the digits of your birth year (1990 will be 1+9+9+0=19).
  2. Make this into a single digit by adding the digits (1+9=10, then 1+0=1).
  3. Subtract the number from 11 (11-1=10).
  4. If the result isn’t a single digit, continue reducing (1+0=1).
  5. So, for men born in 1990, your personal Kua number is 1.

Note that if the result is 5, it defaults to 2 as the Kua number.

Use the Lo Shu Square

The Lo Shu Square is a 3x3 grid with unique properties. Each number in the grid stays put, and the numbers always add up to 15. Practitioners use this tool to gain insights into a person’s life by analysing the presence, absence, and repetition of digits within the grid.

Each number corresponds to a specific digit from your birth year, month, and day (excluding zero). While you can do the calculations yourself, many free online Lo Shu Grid calculators are available to save you time.

Each digit has its quality and position on the grid:


Money and property


Fame and prosperity


Marriage and relationship


Health and Family


Energy and stability


Children and creativity


Knowledge and intuition


Career and success


Friends and beginnings

Analyse your grid and choose numbers that resonate with you and align with the current energies of the year. Some people pick numbers that frequently appear, while others focus on numbers connected to areas of life they want to enhance.

Overall, Feng Shui proposes that you can find your lucky numbers from your Kua number. Combined with the year’s dominant elements, they might suggest a set of lucky numbers for the lottery. Many online resources teach you more about this, but working with a Feng Shui expert is the best course.

Maximise your lottery odds at Loto 6 with Feng Shui wisdom

Feng Shui can help create a more prosperous home environment, which can also attract lottery luck. While there’s no guarantee of winning, many find comfort and motivation in using Feng Shui techniques for the lottery.

It’s ultimately about creating good energy flow, so it matters most to maintain a positive attitude and play lottery games responsibly. Pick your numbers, make a wealth-attracting space, and grab your Loto 6 ticket!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To improve your financial luck with Feng Shui, consider keeping your windows and mirrors clean and storing your tickets in bright places next to shiny items. You can also place wealth symbols like gold coins in your home to attract prosperity.

Here are some additional Feng Shui guidelines you can follow:

  • Locate your home’s ‘wealth corner’ and activate it with Feng Shui elements. This is located around the southeast corner of your home, as you can see from the front door.
  • Remove items in your home that block wealth, such as trash cans and clutter.
  • Clean up your front door and add Feng Shui wealth symbols.
  • Create a Feng Shui wealth bowl filled with money and manifestation items, like a piece of paper with your desired lottery prize written on it.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that harmonises people with their environment to bring well-being, prosperity, and good fortune. It focuses on allowing positive energy to flow smoothly while blocking negative energy. Using Feng Shui principles, you can create a space that supports your financial goals and attracts prosperity into your life.